We’re inspired and focused

XONIK is a global technology and consulting company, an enabler of innovative and skilled people, and a hub for innovative solutions.

Our Story

Founded in February 2006. @ Bhopal. INDIA.

With clients all across the globe, XONIK provides elite class of solutions and products that deliver value to our users, customers & global businesses.

We’re a small team made up of passionate professionals dedicated to delivering a global delivery model in our three areas of innovation: Digital Transformation, Technology, and Products.

We’re experienced professionals – promoting multidisciplinary approach and creating multi-cultural team and advancing along with challenges that demand innovative thinking. We talk straight and talk clean with relevant messages.

We love our work, we love technology and above all we love innovation.

What we do

We form partnerships and strategic alliances with agency, enterprises and business owners all across the globe. We provide and create perfect digital experiences. With our close partnerships with technology providers, we are scaling to next level and expanding our operations internationally.

Our people

We strongly believe passionate people with incredible skills makes the whole difference. And we’ve ample of them.

Our culture

We love our people. We work together. We inspire each other. We grow and We’re rewarded well. Irrespective of religion, language, region and eating habit are different but we’ve one mission.

We are here

Our have our head office at Bhopal India. But at XONIK, we’re connected internationally thanks to technology we’re connected and globally united.

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