How we work.

Are you adventurous?

We’re adventurous and so do we like to work with people like you. We can work with you irrespective of location. You may find us in chat rooms or on slack or using project management CRM. We’re active 24/7 covering different time zones. We respect quality work, not the hours you spend in.

Interested to join our board

After passing the initial phases followed by an interview we’ll do a project together on the contract (if shortlisted), normally it lasts for twelve to twenty-four weeks depending on your performance based on supplied quality and the hours consumed, we’ll make our decision for further proceedings. When you’ll join full-time on the contract we’ll take you through the entire process of our working Ecosystem.

What we look into you?

At XONIK we all are friendly, supportive, innovative, collaborative, committed, communicative, and motivated. We’re driven by the passion for creating brands and making the web a better place. Interested? Apply now.

This is helping us to create and shape our digital eco-system and we are glad that we are one of the parts of the entire eco-system.

Find. Apply. & Join Us

We’re constantly looking for passionate and talented people, check out our job openings, and apply now below. If you can’t see a role for you any worries, you can get in touch with at

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