We Are an Equal. Opportunity Employer

The XONIK group is dedicated towards ensuring fair employment prospects and fostering a diverse workplace.

The XONIK group is dedicated towards ensuring fair employment prospects and fostering a diverse workplace.

The Xonik Code of Conduct, Section D:

  • We deliver all of our workers and all qualified candidates for employment in our organization equal chances. We do not bias against anybody on the basis of race, caste, religion, color, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin, disabilities, or any other constitutionally recognized group.
  • When it pertains to acquiring, training, and advancing our workers, we will make evaluations depending exclusively on their performances, merit, competence, and ambition.
  • In line with current legislation and other sections of this Code, we will establish fair, honest, and explicit worker policies that encourage diversity in the workplace. These rules must include explicit employment conditions, as well as training, development, and performance evaluation.

Honor and Integrity

Our management is responsible for fostering a positive work atmosphere that values acceptance, comprehension, mutual collaboration, and individual privacy.

Everybody within our workplace must be treated with the utmost respect and decency. Discrimination of any kind, whether sexual, physical, verbal, or psychological, is not tolerated.

We have transparent and unbiased administrative processes in place, which must incorporate the chance to be heard by a worker.

The right to privacy of our workers is respected by us. We are unconcerned with their behavior outside of the workplace until it inhibits their work performance, generates potential conflicts, or harms our brand or financial interests.


XONIK Group is devoted to offering equal employment opportunities and fostering a diverse workplace. We strive to –

  • Assist all competent applicants with equal and fair job chances;
  • Ensure a harassment-free workplace, regardless of age, color, physical ability, marital status, parental status, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity;
  • Establish employment relationship choices exclusively on the grounds of individual aptitude and credentials, with occupational requirements, seniority, and other non-discriminatory factors being the only exceptions;
  • Follow all relevant laws relating to equal employment opportunities and fair hiring procedures; and
  • Teach workers about specific behaviors that are inappropriate, as well as the actions that the business may take in response to aberrant behavior against workers.


We will not prejudice against any employee or job candidate on the basis of age, color, physical ability, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, gender, family status, marital status, prenatal status, gender reassignment, or sexual orientation, whether explicitly or implicitly.

When required, we will provide adequate care* for eligible employees or job seekers with special needs.

*An appropriate adaptation is one that makes necessary and suitable modifications and changes without incurring an unreasonable or undue burden in a specific circumstance to assure that people with disabilities can access and exercise their rights in the same way as others.

Bullying and Coercion

We strive to create a pleasant working atmosphere where our workers are regarded with decency and respect. Bullying and abuse are not tolerated at our organization.

Dedication to Inclusiveness and Diversity

We are dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusiveness within the workplace by providing an accommodating atmosphere, employee-friendly work-life policies, and an environment that values diversity and fosters a sense of belonging. We seek to provide an atmosphere in which all workers may grow and practice to their maximum potential. We are an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to treating everyone with kindness and respect.

Kindly visit the corporate websites for more information on Equal Opportunity policies.