• buzzon

    Buzzon is a digital media platform, inspiring people and connecting people at every level.
  • confuze

    A platform with greater insights and in-depth analysis for owners & decision makers.
  • seekerspot

    A job board for companies to attract skilled & experienced talent across all industries.
  • crick8

    A portal that covers every thing related to cricket. A place for passionate cricketers.
  • autotalks

    A place that offers latest news, launches, reviews, and more related to auto world.
  • viazos

    Experience how people connect with local businesses, write reviews, list events & more.
  • mark8

    A market platform for independent business owners with an exposure to global audience.
  • amazeus

    A B2C platform for businesses to market and sale their products all across India.
  • admark8

    Admark8 is an advertising platform for advertiser, publishers and social media influencers.
  • BDA

    Discover, expand and join the world’s best digital marketing & advertising agencies.
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Solutions & Services


    A futuristic digital agency offering next-level digital services and solutions for enterprises.
  • Media

    Producing subject specific content for global audience with in-depth insights and analysis.

    Take your business to next level with inspiring strategy and innovative technologies.
  • We make things happen with our wide array of solutions and services for enterprises.
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