Privacy and Cookies Policy

Your privacy is extremely valuable to us. XONIK (“XONIK” or “we”) prioritizes the protection of your personal information.

This privacy policy outlines what private information we gather from you and how we use that information via our transactions with you on this webpage. This privacy policy pertains to both the official site and the XONIK dot com sub-domain (commonly known as “microsites”). Kindly keep in mind that these websites may contain links to third-party websites whose privacy procedures vary from those of the XONIK group. If you give personal information to any of those websites, your information is subject to their privacy policies.

1. Definition

The following definitions are used in this privacy policy:
Comprises data submitted to XONIK group through the Website and content acquired by XONIK group as a result of your visit to the Webpage. 
This Website places a brief file on your computer when you access or use specific functionalities of the Website. A cookie, in principle, enables a website to “recollect” your activities or preferences for a particular timeframe. 
Data Protection Laws 
Any relevant legislation pertaining to personal data analysis, such as the GDPR and the Information Technology Act of 2000, as modified or replaced; 
Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on General Data Protection Regulation;
XONIK Group or us 
XONIK Group Private Limited, an Indian corporation with its corporate headquarters at (location); 
User or you 
The individual who uses the Website 
The present website,, and any sub-domains of this site, except expressly prohibited through their own conditions.

2. Scope

This website is operated by XONIK Group, which gathers data. Some of this information is provided explicitly by you, such as when you make an entry (via the general query, media query, newsletter subscription, application forms for XONIK Crossfire, or such other mode specified on the website).

You may visit without revealing your identity. You have alternatives about how we gather and utilize your information. For instance, you may choose to see, amend, or delete confidential info in your Website or microsite account. When requested to share personal information, you have the right to terminate.

3. Data Collected

We generally gather information or bits of data that might be used to identify you, such as:

  • We gather first and last name, email address, postal address, country, employer, phone number, and other such contact details; and
  • User profile, occupation, academic year, IP address, and job title are all available.

4. How we Collect Data 

We acquire information in the preceding contexts:

  • You provide us with data; and
  • Information is automatically acquired as a result of your visit to the Website.

5. Data shared by You

XONIK Group may acquire your Data in a variety of forms based on your usage of this Website. For example:

  • When you engage with us via the Website (over any form, e-mail address, hyperlink, or social media address contained thereon);
  • When you sign up to get our products, services, and/or newsletters;
  • When you undertake survey data done by or for us;
  • when you participate in a contest or campaign;
  • when you choose to obtain information from us (like newsletters and special offers);
  • based on the data obtained during your access to our websites;
  • data submitted by you, such as when registering to our newsletters, submitting an admission for a competition or questionnaire, such as the XONIK Crossfire and the Founder’s Day questionnaire.

6. Instantaneously Gathered Information

We automatically gather some data about your visit to the Website. This data, which contains your IP address and how you use and engage with the Web site’s content, assists us in making improvements to its subject matter and mapping.

  • IP address, software information, browsing information, device data, and language preferences are collected by our site servers or associates that deliver statistics and efficiency optimization services. This data is combined to determine the number of visits, overall time spent on the site, pages visited, and other useful facts.
  • This data is used by XONIK Group to track site usage, develop content, maintain site protection and reliability, and optimize Website performance.
  • We may gather your Data automatically using Cookies, depending on your browser’s cookie settings. Also, check the subsection following labeled “Cookies” for detailed details regarding cookies.

7. Our Use of Data

We may collect some or all of the aforementioned Data from time to time to give facts about XONIK Group and to improve your experiences when using our Website. We may utilize Data for the following purposes in particular:

  • Improving our products and services, as well as our corporate entities;
  • Sending marketing materials to you via email or other means of contact.
  • Make contact for research or feedback by email or postal mail;
  • To allow our group organizations to contact you about the programs they manage/products or services they provide;
  • To respond to your inquiries, and f. to handle your requests.
  • To carry out multiple features, including such marketing campaigns and promotional messages, for which proper authorization is obtained.

If we believe it is required for our legitimate rights, we may use your Information for the aforementioned objectives. You have the right to oppose in specific cases if you are not happy with this (see the section headed “Your rights” below).

We may use your information to display advertisements and other content on third-party websites. Kindly disable the applicable cookies (see the section below under “Cookies”) if you do not want us to use your information to display your advertisements and other material on other websites.

We collect data in order to keep our website secure and reliable.

8. Who we share Data with

Your personal information may be shared with the following parties:

  • XONIK Group owned associates and corporations, as well as other organizations within the XONIK Group of companies, to help them reach out to you about their initiatives or projects (such as marketing and advertising) and to fulfill your queries/requirements (including a job posting);
  • Our officials, contractors, consultants, and professional advisers who are acting on our account for the objectives set out in this policy statement; and
  • Service providers who help us maintain and secure our networks and assist us with services that entail the processing of personal data, such as hosting your data or analyzing it for data profiling and user analysis.

Any personal data acquired through the Website is typically not shared with other third parties. This may occur, although, if:

  • You ask us to do so or give us permission to do so;
  • We must abide by the law or react to a legitimate legal procedure; or
  • We need to keep our website running and secure, including preventing or stopping a cyber attack on our computer systems or networks.

9. Safeguarding Information

We will protect your Data through technological and organizational methods, and we will keep it on secure servers.

Actions to cope with any alleged data breach are included in the technical and organizational procedures. Kindly inform us promptly if you believe in any exploitation, loss, or unauthorized access to your Information by reaching us by e-mail, social media, or telephone.

10. Personal Information Preservation

XONIK Group keeps sensitive information for as long as it’s needed to offer access to and use of the website, or for other important reasons including meeting our legal requirements, dispute resolution and executing our commitments. Since these requirements vary depending on the kind of data and the aim for which it is stored, true preservation durations might vary dramatically.

However, if we remove your Information, alternative or archival media may still include it for audit, legal, tax, or regulatory considerations.

11. Your Rights

When we analyze Information about you, we do so with your authorization and/or as required to deliver the website you use, execute our firm, fulfill our legal and compliance commitments, safeguard the safety of our structures and our clients, or fulfill other Xonik Group’s legitimate rights as outlined in this privacy statement.

Further privacy data is displayed below, which you may find useful.

XONIK Group complies with relevant data protection regulations, which may entail the foregoing privileges in regards to your information:

  • The right to access entails the ability to make a request.
  • at any time, duplicates of the data we have on you, or
  • that we change, update or remove such data.

Except your request is demonstrably unjustified or unreasonable, we will not charge you if we furnish you with access to the data we possess on you. We may decline your request if it is permissible for us to do so. If your request is turned down, we will explain why.

  • Right to be corrected- the right to have faulty or incomplete data corrected.
  • Right to erase- you have the right to ask us to discard or eliminate your data from our databases.
  • Right to govern how we use your data- the authority to take how we use it.
  • Right to data mobility- the ability to seek that your data be moved, copied, or transferred.
  • Right to complain – you have the right to object to our use of your information, even when we use it for our legitimate rights.

Kindly contact us at if you have any questions regarding altering your contact details, email subscriptions, or promotional mailings.

It’s critical that the information we have about you is correct and up to date. Kindly notify us if your data updates over the time we have it on file.

12. Private Information Protection

XONIK Group is dedicated to preserving your information safe. To assist safeguard your personal information from unwanted access use, or exposure, we employ a range of protection technologies and processes.

13. Where Do We Keep and Process Personal Information

Personal Information gathered and filtered under this statement is generally stored on servers in India or the United States. XONIK Group is part of a multinational conglomerate with subsidiaries and businesses in many countries. We take efforts to ensure that the information we gather under this privacy statement is treated in accordance with the terms of this statement and relevant law, regardless of where the data is stored.

We have put into effect suitable protections and processes with the third parties with whom we disclose Personal Data to guarantee that it is adequately protected. This assures that those third parties treat your information in accordance with the Data Protection Regulations.

14. Additional websites’ links

This Website may include connections to other websites from time to time. We have no control over such websites and cannot be held liable for their content. Your usage of such websites is not covered by this privacy policy. Before accessing other websites, you should read their privacy policies or statements.

15. Cookies

Several Cookies may be placed on your system by this Website, and this Website may retrieve them. Cookies are used by Xonik Group to enhance your online experience.
You will be prompted with a message bar before the Website puts Cookies on your system, seeking your approval to do so. You have the discretion to refuse permission to the setting of Cookies; but, various elements of the Website may not perform properly or as anticipated if you do so.

In your internet browser, you may activate or deactivate cookies. Most internet browsers allow cookies by practice, however, this may be adjusted. Kindly go to your internet browser’s help menu for additional information.

The following cookies may be placed on this website:
Nature of Cookie:acopendivids, acgroupswithpersist
Purpose: This cookie is required to demonstrate data in an expand/collapse mode on web pages.
Type of Cookie: _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz,display_features_cookie:
Purpose: On the Websites, Google Analytics is employed to measure visitor traffic and site effectiveness by gathering anonymized data on the estimated duration spent on the website, pages seen, and other pertinent use statistics. To withdraw out of Google Analytics tracking, go to:

16. You have the option to remove Cookies at any moment.

You may, therefore, forfeit any data that enables users to navigate the Website more efficiently and decisively, such, but not restricted to, personalization preferences.

17. It is advised that you keep your internet browser updated.

And that if you are confused about modifying your privacy controls, you seek the advice and guidelines supplied by the maker of your web browser.

18. General

If a judicial or professional governing body rules that any clause of this privacy policy (or component of any provision) is null and void, unlawful, or invalid, that clause or part-provision will be regarded to be erased to the extent required, and the legitimacy and applicability of the remaining provisions of this privacy statement will be unaffected.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy
XONIK Group retains the right to modify this privacy statement as needed from time to time or as legally required. Any modifications will be posted on the Website promptly, and you will be regarded to have acknowledged the provisions of the privacy statement upon your first use of the Website subsequent to the adjustments.
You may contact XONIK Group through